A Message From Our CEO

The serious issues affecting the Black community over the past few weeks require action, resolve and solidarity to create a more just and equal world.

That is why, as a company, we are committed to strengthening our own actions in support of racial equality and social justice to create a more united world – and a more diverse and inclusive workplace – where all of our colleagues, neighbors and friends are treated with the kindness, fairness and respect they deserve.

In keeping with this commitment, we will be closing Catalina’s virtual office on Friday at noon to honor Juneteenth, which commemorates the official abolition of slavery in the U.S.

Acknowledging this day in our nation’s history is critically important. And we are encouraging everyone throughout our company to use this time to reflect, to connect, to challenge our own perspectives and to learn from others.

The recent protests and elevated activism around social injustice have reinforced the opportunity we have to create a kinder, more just society -- to ensure that ALL voices are heard, to understand and celebrate our differences, and to more proactively strive for equality, diversity and inclusion.

We at Catalina are committed to doing our part to drive the change that is needed.

Wayne Powers
Catalina President & CEO