Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is your media delivered to shoppers?

A: Catalina promotions and messages are triggered based on the shopper’s purchase insights (either UPC scans or card IDs) and delivered at the point of sale via a full-color, high-speed printer.

Q: Does Catalina operate internationally?

A: We have operations in the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, and Belgium.

Q: Does your company just do couponing?

A: No. Shopper-driven incentives (coupons) are just part of the range of solutions that Catalina provides its clients. The company also provides shopper-driven advertising, interactive solutions, data services and more.

Q: How many stores does your network represent?

A: Catalina’s network is comprised of more than 31,000 U.S. grocery, drug, and mass merchandise chains, and is affiliated with more than 16,000 international stores.

Q: What is the redemption rate of your promotions?

A: Catalina incentives redeem at an average rate of 7 percent. This percentage is more than ten times greater than the FSI average.

Q: How effective is Catalina shopper-driven advertising?

A: In recent tests, brands utilizing Catalina shopper-driven advertising:

Improved ad recall by 24 percentage points* Drove volume lift as high as 35 percent *Test results of six advertising pilots. Statistically significant difference between test and control at 90 percent confidence level. Results represent the weighted average performance across all tested executions within each brand pilot.

Q: How many shoppers can you reach with your network?

A: Catalina can reach more than 80 percent of U.S. shoppers with relevant advertising messages and offers based on a real-time understanding of their evolving purchase history. Catalina influences 280 million U.S. shoppers monthly and millions more through an expanding global network, allowing brands to offer customized communication at scale.

Q: When was the company founded?

A: Catalina has been driving lift and loyalty for the world’s leading retailers and brands – and providing billions of dollars in annual value for consumers – since 1983.

Q: What jobs are open at Catalina?

A: Please visit our Careers section of our website for a list of the latest job openings.

Q: How can I contact a representative from Catalina?

A: You may contact Catalina via email or phone by calling (877) 210-1917.

Q: Where can I find out the latest news about Catalina?

A: For a listing of recent press releases and articles, please visit the Media section of our website.

Q: How do I report comments or issues with the Catalina website?

A: You may email Catalina’s Webmaster. Please send us your comments or report any issues you experience while visiting our website. We value your feedback. Please advise that the Webmaster will only respond to technical inquiries regarding this website.

Q: I am a consumer, where can I get more information regarding opt-in/opt-out status?

A: Please see our Privacy Policy for more information regarding modifying your information or preferences with respect to marketing contacts.