Case Studies

  • Precision Marketing with Scale Case Study

    Catalina can help you drive efficient growth with precision marketing at scale and full impact visibility.

  • Catalina Omni-Channel Case Study

    Our client—a leading OTC1 Allergy Medicine—was under extreme pressure to vie with competitors launching 3 new OTC products, representing a $60MM threat to their franchise. With consumers having more control than ever—based on the choices of channels throughout the buyer journey —this Brand needed precision marketing with scale to breakthrough during the upcoming “must win” cycle.

  • Maximize Tactical Efforts

    A leading cosmetics brand wanted to evaluate the efficacy of its FSI tactics. Learn how those targeted with Catalina repeat campaign offers were 2.5x more likely to repurchase product.

  • Driving Efficient Volume

    A leading ingredient brand came to Catalina to help them efficiently maximize sales volume during the holiday season. Learn how Catalina maximized consumer behavior volume through a promotion targeting health-conscious consumers and potential high-volume buyers.

  • Growing Through Valuable Loyals

    When a competitor launched a new organic brand, a leading shelf-stable brand wanted to retain more of its high-value consumers by preventing switching and defection. Learn how Catalina helped to retain and win back loyals.