See how AttributR works for you
AttributR subscribers see real-time impact of their campaign ads on shoppers
  • Measures all types of digital media – including Programmatic & Connected TV
  • Tracks anonymized shopper ID purchases that are down to UPC-level and connected to:
    • - Hundreds of millions of digital devices
    • - Web cookies
  • Offers 1:1, deterministic closed-loop attribution for in-store sales
Access buyer insights for each campaign message

AttributR subscribers have access to 30 powerful reports that help ID opportunities at Category, Buyer and Brand levels

Report examples:
- Average time from 1st impression to purchase
- Trial Rate
- New to Brand, New to Category
- Performance by Channel

AttributR answers questions about how your media is driving in-store sales
Is your campaign driving new buyers to your brand or your category? Which UPCs, creative content and channels are driving trial and repeat? What are the most common conversion paths to purchase?

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