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Personalization is the buzzword of the year. You hear it all the time. Your clients are asking for it. In fact, they’re demanding it. But, how do you personalize at a large enough scale to move the volume your big CPG clients need? How do you know what’s working, not just by impressions or clicks? How do you know which consumers to target and why? You start with data and CPG expertise — lots of it! Only Catalina has two years of purchase history on over 260 million CPG shoppers. That means we know what they bought, when they bought it, where they got it and what they’re going to need next. Partnering with Catalina to drive advertising and promotions for your CPG clients is not only a safe bet, it’s the smart choice.

Personalized digital and mobile advertising — at scale

Digital Advertising from Catalina targets consumers based on their known purchases and affinity for a particular brand or category—the very same consumers most important for growing your client’s franchise. Targeting consumers in this way helps deliver a higher Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) and minimize the waste associated with demographics-based advertising.

Utilizing our personalized digital media networks, and leveraging two years of shopper purchase history, we target equity messages to consumers based on their purchase preferences. Our media networks include mobile, online, and in-store, which enable us to reach and influence consumers at each stage of the awareness cycle.

Consumers appreciate our personalized advertising messages because they’re relevant and specific to their needs and wants. As a result, our exposure rate to your target audience is much higher compared to demographics-based targeting, resulting in improved awareness and increased brand equity.

Death of Demographics

Catalina research shows that demographic targeting is highly inefficient. “On average, brands delivered nearly two-thirds of their exposures (64 percent) to households that accounted for just two percent of the average brand’s sales volume.” In contrast, our behavioral ad targeting system targets consumers with a known purchase or affinity to a particular brand or category.” (Source: Deconstructing Demographics Study)

Build equity. Reach your client’s top consumers. Measure return on sales.

Personalized Digital Advertising from Catalina connects consumer behavior to targeted addressable media to generate greater brand awareness, unaided recall, product trial and repeat consumption, resulting in greater life and loyalty for your CPG clients. Our system also provides closed-loop measurement of a campaign’s impact on actual sales—all in real time.

Unique aspects of Catalina’s Personalized Digital Advertising solution include:

  • Deeper Consumer Insight – We are able to identify your highly loyal consumers, as well as those who may be at risk, and those who represent the best opportunity for you to grow your brand.
  • Unrivaled Scale – Reach over 260 million consumers in-store, and millions more online via the largest CPG Digital Media Network in the U.S.
  • Unmatched Mass Personalization – Target consumers individually based on their transaction behavior or their purchase history.
  • Closed-loop Measurement Based on Sales – We deliver insight into the impact and effectiveness of our media programs based on in-store sales, enabling you to know the true benefit to your client’s brand.

Catalina’s advertising solutions for CPG

Catalina provides brands with a proven, efficient system for targeting their most valuable consumers at scale.

  • Catalina BuyerVision® (PDF) — Displays highly relevant advertising messages to consumers based on the most comprehensive purchase-based display ad targeting system for CPG. We deliver addressable advertising solutions for CPG, at scale, in the following digital channels:

    • Mobile — Offers mobile advertising that combines purchase-based targeting at scale and the ability to measure via in-store sales.
    • Display — Reach your client’s most valuable consumers, regardless of their location on the web, with targeted display advertising based on past purchase behavior, and measured via in-store sales.
    • Video — Leverage the power of video to reach your client’s most valuable consumers via targeted premium, in-player, and user-initiated video advertising based on past purchase behavior.
    • Programmatic — Target your client’s most valuable consumers based on past-purchase behavior via existing programmatic trading desks, and measure the in-store sales lift.
  • In-store Media Network — Deliver advertising with an 80 percent read rate. All messages are personalized based on historical or transactional purchase behavior, enabling you to efficiently reach your client’s most valuable consumers with messaging that builds brand awareness and loyalty.

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