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The average CPG Brand loses one-third of its consumers every year. Wouldn’t it be great if you could engage them before they defect? Over 30 percent of advertising is wasted on consumers who don’t even buy in your category. Wouldn’t it be great to focus only on the consumers who can drive your brand’s growth and stop subsidizing those who would purchase anyway? Just 1.5 percent of consumers drive 80 percent of a new product’s sales. Wouldn’t you love to focus your investment on these consumers to dramatically boost your ROI and ROAS? With Catalina, you can.

When it comes to managing a big brand, you don’t need mass media and cheap reach to drive big results. What you need is personalized digital media at a mass scale. Media that is measured on actual purchases — not impressions or clicks. Media that allows you to target the 2.5 percent of consumers who drive 80 percent of your sales.

Mass personalized media — only from Catalina


Sophistication, selectivity or scale… mobile, online or in the store… you used to have to pick one. No longer. Only Catalina can build multi-channel advertising and promotional campaigns that reach over 280 million shoppers with media that’s personalized, relevant and timely. Launch a new product, efficiently drive incremental volume, stop defection and more. From event-driven programs to annual loyalty campaigns, sophisticated marketers use Catalina to drive breakthrough results.

Personalized Digital Media from Catalina enables you to reach your best consumers via advertising and promotions — anywhere from mobile to online to in the aisle — at each stage of the awareness cycle, pre- and post-purchase.

More than just promotions. Personalize your advertising — at scale.

Digital Advertising from Catalina targets consumers based on their known purchases and affinity for a particular brand or category—the very same consumers most important for growing your franchise. Targeting consumers in this way helps deliver a higher return on ad spend (ROAS) and minimize the waste associated with demographics-based advertising.

Utilizing our personalized digital media networks, and leveraging two years of purchase history on over 260 million consumers, we target equity messages to consumers based on their purchase preferences. Consumers appreciate our personalized advertising and promotional messages because they’re relevant and specific to their needs and wants. As a result, our exposure rate to your target audience is much higher compared to demographics-based targeting, resulting in increased awareness and brand equity.


Catalina research shows that demographic targeting is highly inefficient. “On average, brands delivered nearly two-thirds of their exposures (64 percent) to households that accounted for just two percent of the average brand’s sales volume.” In contrast, our behavioral ad targeting system targets consumers with a known purchase or affinity to a particular brand or category.” (Source: Engaging the Selective Shopper Study)

With Catalina, you minimize purchase subsidization and reach only the right audiences resulting in increased ROI/ROAS and greater value for your media dollar through:

  • Deeper Consumer Insight – We are able to identify your highly loyal consumers, as well as those who may be at risk, and those who represent the best opportunity for you to grow your brand.
  • Unrivaled Scale - Reach over 260 million shoppers in-store, and millions more online via the largest CPG Digital Media Network in the U.S.
  • Unmatched Mass Personalization - Target consumers individually based on their transaction behavior or their purchase history.
  • Closed-loop Measurement Based on Sales – We deliver insight into the impact and effectiveness of our media programs based on in-store sales, enabling you to know the true benefit to your brand.

Our direct, addressable media networks deliver advertising and promotions based on a consumer’s purchase behavior, resulting in more effective media, higher lift and greater loyalty.

  • Targeted digital and mobile advertising – Leverage the largest media networks optimized for CPG Brands to drive awareness through integrated, omnichannel media with Catalina BuyerVision®. Learn More (PDF)
  • Personalized in-store digital media – Personally engage shoppers with highly relevant media that has an unparalleled 80 percent readership rate.
  • Targeted Load to Card – Build brand equity, reduce subsidization, and get up to 60% higher redemption that print-at-凯发k8官网下载客户端home coupons. Learn More (PDF)
  • Catalina Category Marketing – Drive volume quickly and at 2x to 5x more efficiently than mass advertising pr promotion vehicles. Learn More (PDF)

On average, just 0.7% of shoppers made-up 80% of volume for 50 top-selling new food and beverage products. Read Catalina’s New Product Traction Through Targeted Shopper Interaction Study to find out how success can be achieved for new products.

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