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Repeat Trips. Larger Baskets. Increased Sales.


Imagine reaching every one of your shoppers with a message personalized to their individual buying preferences and needs. Imagine being able to engage your consumers personally and digitally before they even enter your store. Imagine doing this across a range of digital networks including mobile, online and in-store. Imagine driving a 9:1 ROI on your spend while boosting your topline 1% or more. Imagine no more. This is Catalina. And, we’re way more than printers in the store. Catalina has been the trusted partner for leading food, drug and mass retailers for 30 years. Our model is simple. Every message to every shopper is personalized based on their past, current and future buying behavior. These offers drive repeat trips to your stores and larger baskets during each trip. The net result is stronger shopper loyalty and increased sales and market share for you and your brand partners.

The largest personalized digital media network for grocery, mass and drug retailers


Our multichannel networks and campaigns have been built from the ground up to be flexible and modular to align with your goals and strategies. Only Catalina brings you the unmatched depth of thousands of offers and promotions fully funded by the industry’s leading CPG brands. But, we’re not just limited to these offers. We can help you effectively reach the shoppers who purchase or should purchase your private-label brands. Our personalized digital media has an unparalleled 80 percent readership rate and is always delivered with your brand name.


At a time of unparalleled choice in the grocery store, shoppers ignore all but a tiny fraction of available UPCs. Our research shows that shoppers buy just .7 percent of the products in the store. Catalina connects shoppers with the products they want, need and love. (Source: Engaging the Shopper Study )

Our solutions are integrated directly with your loyalty program and goals. We target the right offer, to the right consumer, at the right time through an industry-leading set of networks and solutions including:

  • Personalized Mobile Coupons – Only Catalina can deliver personalized content from our pool of thousands of CPG-funded offers and promotions directly integrated with your mobile app, website or any digital channel.
  • The World’s Largest In-store Media Network – No one reaches more CPG shoppers in the store each day than Catalina. We see and influence over 50 million shoppers each day with an unparalleled 80 percent readership rate and redemption rates of 7 to 25 percent. We drive loyalty with your most important shoppers.
  • Customer Value Campaigns – Delivers an average ROI of at least 5:1 through personalized, multi-week campaigns which reward consumers for shopping and spending more on categories you define. Learn More (PDF)
  • Targeted Load to Card – Increase shopper loyalty and incremental sales with higher value, relevant offers from national CPG brands. Learn More (PDF)
  • My Favorite Deals – Drive next week’s shopping trip with personalized circulars, featuring items relevant for each customer from your upcoming circular with 0.5-1.5% top line sales lift to promoted IDs. Learn More (PDF)

Independent analysis from Kantar Retail definitively shows that Catalina’s Customer Value Campaign programs are successful for driving incremental sales.

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